Relaxation Massage in Vancouver

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Relax and unwind with professional massage by certified bodyworker Aaron.

Ease tension, stress, and aches with relaxation massage (non-RMT) in downtown Vancouver.

In-studio Massage

Enjoy massage in a relaxed yet professional setting with shower available on-site. Clean, quiet and private studio. *Please note: this is not Registered/Licensed Massage Therapy and is not covered by insurance.

starts at $75 / hour, $100 / hour and a half +5% GST (cash and card payment, no insurance receipt provided)

Mobile Massage

Please inquire about mobile service for massage in the comfort of your location, the base travel rate applies to a 5km radius from downtown.

starts at $150 / hour +5% GST. (rate increases for distances beyond 5km). Please contact me for details.

Available Extras

Foot Scrub

Included in 90 minute in-studio sessions. A gentle scrub with salts and oils that feels great and will leave your feet silky smooth. (optional, no charge)

Hot Towels

Included in all in-studio sessions. Enjoy soothing hot towels infused with just a touch of natural essential oils. (optional, no charge)

Body Brush

Included in all sessions. This gentle exfoliation with a dry brush is an invigorating way to start the massage and feel refreshed. Brush is cleansed and sanitized prior to every use. (optional, no charge)

It's a session centred on you, and it's a contribution to your health.

Client-centred massage means that the focus always remains on you, and the session is personalized to suit your needs and preferences.

My training is grounded in the relaxing, rhythmic and flowing techniques of classic Swedish style, with elements of Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu and Aromatherapy blended in for a massage that is unique to every person. This full-body “Deep Swedish” massage moves seamlessly between broad stroking/gliding “effleurage” strokes and more targeted kneading/manipulating “petrissage” strokes, while also zeroing in on specific focus areas for slow, deep attention. Gentle stretches, joint movements and mobilization, and calming breath work are all incorporated as complementary practice.

After an introductory Swedish massage course that I really enjoyed, I went on to graduate (with Honours) from a 700-hour spa massage program, and over the decade plus some years that have passed since I have cultivated my quality of touch with thousands of hours of hands-on practice. Being self-employed will always remain my focus, but I have also been employed with an onsite chair massage provider and have worked in the clinic and spa settings in addition to developing home-based and mobile practices.

Born and raised on the West Coast, my practice is currently centred in Vancouver, BC, but I have also spent significant time in Toronto where I also did massage based mainly in the Cabbagetown and Annex areas. I have also traveled to Costa Rica and have plans to one day practice massage there as well. Stay tuned for the latest news of my travels.

LGBTQ+ / Gay friendly!

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